Oh!Holy Mary

Oh! Holy Mary – Pleasure Oil

Oh! Holy Mary – Cannabis Pleasure Oil is a potent stimulant containing Cannabis Sativa seed oil its exlusive
formulation, which has taken more than a year to develop, has borne fruit of
one of the most potent, different and long-lasting stiumulants on the market.


Unisex Pleasure Oil

A single drop of Oh! Holy Mary applied in erogenous zones,
causes a very intense tingling effect, similar to the rubbing
of an erotic toy but without the use of hands. Itspunctured
and localized tingling effect.

Which makes it different

“Most simulating gels generate the effect of cold or heat.
Oh! Holy Mary produces a totally different feeling.
A unique and intense tingling effect. “
“Effect of long duration, due to its intensity,
one drop sufficies to notice the effect.”

How to use

Apply 1 drop and massage gently to absorb the skin
in one minute (van vary more depending on the person)
will start the tickling effect.
Very concentrated product.
Use little quantity.
Increase if you want.
An even more intense effect.

the ideal complement to use in conjuction with Oh! Holy Mary – Sliding Gel

Take one!

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